Other Loans

Do you dream of buying a new car? A boat? If it’s within reach, we’ll help you find the right loan to get you there. Our loan programs support you with a variety rates and payment schedules so we can find the loan that works best for you.

laying down wood floors
Construction Loans

When you’re building a home to your exact specifications, our construction loans measure up and can help you make your dream a reality.

mountains and a pond
Land Loans

Have you been eyeing the house lot on the corner or pining for a place in the woods? We’ve got great rates and terms on land loans that can help you purchase property.

man and woman driving in a car
Vehicle Loans

Our vehicle loans can help you finance your transportation of choice—whether that’s a new car or a jet ski.

man and woman wrapped in blankets with RV in background
Credit Builder Loans

Borrow against your savings or certificates of deposit to access money when you need it. You’ll still be earning on your savings while accessing low interest rates on the money you borrow.

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Overdraft Line Of Credit (LOC)

An overdraft LOC helps you avoid fees and bounced checks—not to mention keeping your debit card from being denied at a crucial moment.

Person hiking
Personal Loans

There are a million reasons to borrow. Whatever your reason we’ll be there to help you. Personal loans are a fast and easy way of financing your goals.

Woman in front of a computer typing numbers into a calculator beside the computer
Woman in front of a computer typing numbers into a calculator beside the computer

Loan Calculator

Our loan calculator can help you choose the terms, rates and ultimately the loan that’s right for you.

The Right Solution

At The Right Time

Change, we know it well. Not just because we're a bank. But, because we design our banking products around our clients changing needs. Our banking solutions evolve with you - from your first job, to retirement and beyond.